A Little Bit Of Fun

Fun! Fun! Fun!  

Several years ago, while browsing the web, I found the canonical lists of lightbulb jokes and blonde jokes. Recently I went looking again and somewhat to my astonishement, all I could find were seriously abridged lists -- the originals seem to have vanished from sight. Fortunately I saved them when I first stumbled across them, so I decided to make them available again. Here they are, in all their glory, with one or two other things as well. The files are presented as simple text files, just as I originally downloaded them. However I have inserted a minimal amount of html formatting to aid navigation. If you want to download the originals so that you can read them at your leisure, click here.


Lightbulb Jokes Blonde Jokes Chicken and Road Jokes Unix Hierarchy
How To Guide A Missile Using A Barometer YKWYBHTLW