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Publication History and Credits

Second edition published in 2007 (HTML on the Web)
First edition published in 1999.
First printing May 1999.

Burning Tiger Press
P.O. Box 11-708
New Zealand

Edited by Alex Heatley.

All articles copyright (c) Alan Robson 1999.
All illustrations copyright (c) James Bryson 1999.
All rights reserved.

ISBN 0-473-01975-2

Cover art by James Bryson

Typeset by Alex Heatley.
Printed by the Burning Tiger Press.
Produced using Adobe Pagemaker and a Macintosh

Cover art and interior illustrations by James Bryson

The illustrations in this book were generated on a vintage 1964 SAP wetware supercomputer running Consciousness 1.0, and rendered with a standard digital output device using Pencilpoint Pro.

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