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We were asked to write some haiku -- a verse of three lines and seventeen syllables with five syllables in the first and last line and seven syllables in the second line. Three of us, the most experienced writers in the group, were also asked to write some tanka. This is a more complex verse form. There are five lines. The first and the third line have five syllables and the other lines all have seven syllables.

So for haiku, the syllable count is 575 and for tanka the syllable count is 57577. Haiku turned out to be quite easy (and quite addictive). But tanka were surprisingly dificult...

I made a change to one of the haiku following a suggestion made by a member of the class. The line "I yearn for oolong" works much better as "Yearning for oolong". Thank you Richard

Haiku and Tanka


Writing a haiku.
Our homework is difficult.
Lyn counts syllables
The cat and the dog
Like each other's food too much.
So they eat apart.
Drinking my green tea
And staring at a blank page
Yearning for oolong.
The summer of love.
The winter of discontent.
Springtime for the world.
Fly on the window.
Swat! And it falls to the floor.
Dog eats tender meat.
A house is for sale.
The garden is full of weeds.
The sign is rotten.
My computer beeps.
Something is not working right.
Eye Dee Ten Tee bug
(NOTE: Eye Dee Ten Tee is: ID10T...)
A doorbell rings out.
A dog goes berserk with rage.
Visitors are fun.
Reading a big book.
It's Tequila Mockingbird.
A cocktail of words.



Writing a tanka
Harder than haiku.
I see how it works.
Discriminate three people:
Richard, Alan, Marian
Autumn on the tree.
I clear all the fallen leaves.
Empty ground waiting.
One solitary leaf falls.
The tree enjoys teasing me!
In an empty house
A dog sleeping beside me
Each of us can fart.
There are no repercussions
When two boys do their boy things
Haiku are easy
Tanka are more difficult.
When counting rhythms,
The wise man restricts himself.
Seven syllables are hard.
Compost in the bin.
Worms wriggling in the warm rot.
Flies all buzz and hum.
Corruption and slime defines
Next year's potential roses.
The washing machine
Jiggles and joggles the clothes.
I am very wet
Perhaps I should have removed
My clothes before I washed them.
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