U3A Writers Group

In 2016 I joined a writers group run by U3A. The group meets on the second and fourth Friday of every month. One of the attractions of joining the group is that regular homework assignments are given out, with the results to be presented and critiqued at the next meeting. The links on this page lead to the things that I have written based on these homework assignments.

The group stopped meeting at the end of 2020 when the convenor became too ill to continue.

In 2023 I joined a new U3A group and started writing regularly again. The new group meets on the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

These articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

9th March 2023
The Magic Quilt

23rd March 2023
The Right Time

13th April 2023
Two Shillings

27th April 2023
It's The Thought That Counts

11th May 2023
The Sounds of Autumn

25th May 2023
Writing Workshop

8th June 2023
The Tie Conundrum

22nd June 2023
What a Treat!

13th July 2023
Prometheus and the Eagle

13th July 2023
It Might Have Been Magritte

12th February 2016
Condiments of the Season

26th February 2016

11th March 2016
Edna Saves the Day

25th March 2016
The Riches of Harry

8th April 2016
The Park

22nd April 2016
Spies in the Park

13th May 2016
Pride and Parking

27th May 2016
Cards On The Table

10th June 2016
The Emergency Bone

24th June 2016
Good News

8th July 2016
The Locked Door

22nd July 2016
Book Review

12th August 2016
What We Did On Our Holidays

25th August 2016
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Businessman

9th September 2016
Three Blind Mice

23rd September 2016
Rag Week

14th October 2016

25th November 2016
Limerick For Lyn

10th February 2017
Tumbling Dice

24th February 2017
The Rushes
10th March 2017
Rooms Without Views
24th March 2017
On the Beach
7th April 2017
Decisions, Decisions...
28th April 2017
Travelling Man
12th May 2017
Preparing for the Flood
26th May 2017
Haiku and Tanka
9th June 2017
A Day at the Races
23rd June 2017
Moving On
14th July 2017
A Boy and His Bee
28th July 2017
A Circular Tale
11th August 2017
25th August 2017
The Scam
8th September 2017
It Really Is Rocket Science
22nd September 2017
When I'm Cleaning Windows
13th October 2017
Spider Man
27th October 2017
Tidings of Comfort and Joy
3rd November 2017
Haiku for Lyn
9th February 2018
The Donation
9th March 2018
23rd March 2018
A Game of Moans
13th April 2018
Don't Panic
27th April 2018
That's No Excuse!
11th May 2018
The Waiting Room
25th May 2018
Jimmy and the Business Trip
8th June 2018
The Choices of Jennifer
22nd June 2018
Living Forever
13th July 2018
This is Bill
27th July 2018
Giving Birth
10th August 2018
The Lore of the Cat
24th August 2018
The Field Trip
14th September 2018
Skool Daze
28th September 2018
Benign Confusion
12th October 2018
The Power of Goodbye
26th October 2018
Christmas Celebrations
8th February 2019
The Pond
22nd February 2019
Coal In The Hole
8th March 2019
The Housewarming Party
22nd March 2019
The Queue
12th April 2019
The Birthday Party
26th April 2019
The Joke
10th May 2019
Lady Chatterley
24th May 2019
14th June 2019
Roll Up! Roll Up!
28th June 2019
The Return of the Ring
12th July 2019
Tricks of the Trade
26th July 2019
The Collector
9th August 2019
Hunting Party
23rd August 2019
Tommy's Birthday
13th September 2019
Nursery Rhyme
27th September 2019
The World Tour of 2018
11th October 2019
An Ass on an Asteroid
11th October 2019
The Sun Also Rises
25th October 2019
Haiku and Tanka
8th November 2019
22nd November 2019
Gone Fishing
14th February 2020
The Promise
28th February 2020
David's New Hobby
13th March 2020
The Golf Game
27th March 2020
The Birthday Present
10th April 2020
The Inheritance
24th April 2020
8th May  2020
The Gambler and the Lady
22nd May  2020
Life in Level 4 Lockdown
12th June  2020
Smiley Face
26th June  2020
The Waiting Room
10th July  2020
24th July  2020
No Illusions
14th August  2020
Party Time
28th August  2020
Is One Place As Good As Another?
11th September  2020
The Last Trump
25th September  2020
The Rumour Mill
9th October  2020
The Gift
23rd October  2020
Water is Wet
13th November  2020
The Show Must Go On